Chronos Shipping Co.LTD

ZERO Accidents and ZERO Spills

Our SMS complies with the ISM code and incorporates basic ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and 18001 requirements.

ISM Code Certification (Company's DOC) is provided by KRS (the Korean Register of Shipping).
As a pioneer in the niche of asphalt transportation, Chronos Shipping excelled in managing a fleet of asphalt tankers for over four decades. Foreseeing changes in the commercial landscape of asphalt transportation, in 2012 Chronos embarked on a journey of business diversification and expansion with a fleet of dry bulk carriers.
To contribute positively toward the reduction of global GHG emissions, Chronos continues on a phase of renewal and improvement of the fleet, focusing on fuel efficient engines and hulls, energy-saving devices and reduced fuel consumption.
Chronos seeks to serve its clients and the greater community, and delivers value by way of risk management, long-gained experience and expert problem solving, and by carefully planning the day-to-day and long-term operation of its managed fleet. Providing services with integrity and reliability, aiming for zero accidents and zero pollution, Chronos is committed to conducting operations in a manner that promotes safety, protects human life and property, and improves and protects the environment.
In 2022 Chronos commemorates 50 years of successful operation, a milestone reached and achieved through the hard work and accomplishments of a dedicated, well-trained shipborne and shore-side staff.

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