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Mission, Vision & Values

Cargo Volos Chronos Shipping

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our services with integrity and reliability, with ZERO accidents and ZERO pollution, and to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations by safely and efficiently operating our fleet, with effective communication with all stakeholders.

We are committed to conducting operations in the manner that promotes safety and protects life, the environment, and property.

Training of our sea and shore-based staff is a regular, continuously adapting process integral to reinforcing our safety culture.

We deliver value by way of risk management, problem-solving, and experience gained, and by carefully planning the day-to-day and long- term operation of our managed fleet.


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Our Vision

Our vision is to serve our clients and the greater community in collaboration with others, to achieve our common goals.

Chronos Shipping is an active supporter of the Adopt A Ship program, which is implemented by PROJECT CONNECT and inspires children to become seafarers, cultivating the Greek maritime tradition.

The program connects vessels to elementary, middle school, and vocational high schools in Greece, whereby children learn about shipping and life at sea via email communication directly to and from captains of vessels at sea.


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Our Values

We maintain a “No Blame” policy and encourage all employees, ashore and on board, to identify and report to the management events such as near misses, accidents, dangerous occurrences and non-conformities, enabling the entire team to analyze causes, learn from experience, and improve safety and other practices.

Chronos Shipping is a member of the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA): the pioneering voluntary commitment of Greek seafarers and ship owners undertaken in Piraeus on June 4, 1982 to safeguard the seas from ship-generated pollution.

Seafarers are essential to international trade and to the international economy. To help protect the world’s seafarers and their contribution to international trade, the International Labour Organization (ILO) adopted the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), with which Chronos Shipping complies.