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  • MT Asphalt Eagle

    DWT: 46178 MT


  • MV Athina

    DWT : 74999 MT


Our Vision : Provide our services with integrity and reliability aiming for ZERO Accidents and ZERO Spills

CHRONOS is a Ship Managment Company, committed to conducting its operations in a manner which promotes safety , protects human life, the environment and property.

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We define Health as the state of physical, mental and social well-being, the freedom of disease or abnormality, the ability to cope with everyday activities.
We define Safety as the state in which the risk of harm to life, environment and property is limited to an acceptable level.
We define Quality as the degree to which our activities fulfil stated or implied requirements of our Customers and other interested parties.
We define as Environmental Protection the act of keeping safe, defending, guarding and preventing damage to the environment. (i.e. our physical surroundings all over the world).

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